line or time series with multiple colors in matplotlibOften times, we need to overlay colors on segments of a time-series or other line-plot. The colors could be indicative of some events or to highly particularly important time-spans of interest. Here’s a short function that can be used to generate such line segments of multiple colors using matplotlib in python.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Author: Abhay Harpale

plot multicolored lines in matplotlib

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

def find_contiguous_colors(colors):
    # finds the continuous segments of colors and returns those segments
    segs = []
    curr_seg = []
    prev_color = ''
    for c in colors:
        if c == prev_color or prev_color == '':
            curr_seg = []
        prev_color = c
    segs.append(curr_seg) # the final one
    return segs

def plot_multicolored_lines(x,y,colors):
    segments = find_contiguous_colors(colors)
    start= 0
    for seg in segments:
        end = start + len(seg)
        l, = plt.gca().plot(x[start:end],y[start:end],lw=2,c=seg[0]) 
        start = end

Here is some code to generate an example plot using this:

x = np.arange(1000) 
y = np.random.randn(1000) # randomly generated values
# color segments
colors = ['blue']*1000
colors[300:500] = ['red']*200
colors[800:900] = ['green']*100
colors[600:700] = ['magenta']*100

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